Day Four Of New York Fashion Week A/W 12 : Victoria Beckham

I am a Victoria Beckham convert. I announced that in a post I wrote about her Spring Summer collection late last year. I honestly had little respect for her – I found her to be miserable, misguided (aren’t we all) and well, just a bit fake, I suppose. But since launching her Ready-To-Wear range, it would seem she’s found her way. This is her third collection, including her Victoria by Victoria Beckham collection, the more affordable, commercial one, and with notable names wearing her designs, she clearly has found her talent.

Runway images via

Victoria, herself, is always meticulously dressed. About five years ago, when she brought her book out, that’s when I wasn’t a fan. She tried too hard, her style was too structured, yet she was always extremely well polished. Since then, and probably since giving birth to her daughter, which would make sense, she has softened and become less complicated. Draped jersey, more loose fitting casual tops, mixed with her trademark heels and very well fitted skirts and skinnies. And this style she has evolved into has clearly influenced her ready-to-wear collection which was presented yesterday at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

We see more colour blocking, autumnal shades, snug winter socks bunched over Louboutin biker boots, tactile jersey fabrics and the clever use of colour to seriously enhance the feminine shape. Sharp collars in high contrast colours….so simple and the old clichee, so effective. She doesn’t over-complicate anything. Details are sparse but perfectly balanced. A zip going all the way from the neck to the bottom of a dress is provocative and adds detail and the contrast of texture between the soft fabric of the dress and the gleaming, harsh metal zip. Zips were once and still are in some cases, hidden. Here, they’re being made a feature.

Victoria Beckham is one clever lady. I truly love all these outfits styled and shown here because they’re wearable, sophisticated and real, for real people. I have a new-found admiration for all that she does and I’m not afraid to say that anymore.

Runway images via (My favourite look of all this collection is the one above on the right)

Image via Daily Mail

Image via Daily Mail

Image via Daily Mail

Lady Anna’s watching….that’s saying something.

One thought on “Day Four Of New York Fashion Week A/W 12 : Victoria Beckham

  1. Totally with you on the Victoria Beckham collection! I had really never been “wow’d” over any of her collections as a whole. Of course there have been individual pieces that I have loved, but these last two have really impressed me!

    Loved seeing Anna sitting next to Becks, what a moment that was caputured on film!

    Great post!

    Xo – Christy

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