CC Skye at Sophie’s Closet

In my quest for all things sparkling, I came across Sophie’s Closet a couple of weeks ago. I found them when I was hunting the CC Skye Mercy Spike bracelet. And then…..I came across the new CC Skye collection they’re selling. And I’ve fallen in love all over again. 

CC Skye Maya Red Leather Bracelet £113.64 at Sophie’s Closet

CC Skye Maya Orange Leather Bracelet £113.64 at Sophie’s Closet

CC Skye Maya Blue Leather Bracelet £113.64 at Sophie’s Closet

Although I’ve not seen these bracelets in the flesh, they appear to be high end from a brand such as CC Skye.  I love all three of these Maya bracelets, and probably would never have considered blue before, but I really like the blue one. It would sit well with a crisp white t-shirt, and some matching blue or emerald green skinny jeans with some leopard print ballet flats to set the bright colours off. 

CC Skye Starburst Crystal Bangle £95.89 from Sophie’s Closet

CC Skye Pave Golden Nugget Bracelet £265.47 from Sophie’s Closet

Of course, of all the things in the new range, my favourites are the starburst bangle in gold and the golden nugget bracelet above. They look solid, chunky and heavy, perfect for a Man Repelling arm party.

The other thing about Sophie’s Closet is that they sell Dannijo (amongst lots of other beautiful brands)….huge coincidence since I was only talking about them the other day, so this site couldn’t get much better! 

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