The jewellery obsession continues…

My Instagram obsession has led to a heightened-obsession of jewellery, which led me to Dannijo via Man Repeller. For those of you who may be thinking I’m talking in code, let me explain. 

If you don’t know already, Man Repeller, is a New Yorker. In the fashion world, she literally is a big apple, at the top of the tree. Hard to reach, the best quality but mighty worthwhile picking when you get there. What I’m trying to say is, in a fashion sense, she’s up there as one of the top bloggers and I salute her. Oh yeah, and she’s also the one who coined the phrase ‘arm party’ so don’t forget it.

As you know, Instagram, is a network of stylized photos, snapped on an iPhone. When I say network, you share your pictures with people, join a circle of Instagram buddies and drool over everyone elses dreamy pics. Not for everyone, but definitely for me. It’s all about following and drooling and following and sharing and drooling.

The link? I follow Man Repeller on Instagram. Who follows Dannijo. Dannijo is a jewellery brand. Dannijo is a new love. 

Bea – Red – $945

Aurora – $450

These sparkly jewels, although pricey, are good investment pieces that would be worn forever and passed on through a family. And you could and should wear them with anything….don’t just save them for special occasions. Well, ok, one…but thats all.

Case in point.

Oh, and it gets a little bit better….I think I found my iPhone 4 cover too.

Lindsay iPhone 4 Cover – $95

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