eBay Jewellery : An Exciting Pastime

Vintage  1930’s Gilded Turquoise Necklace – Currently £19.99

Spike Stretch Bracelet – Buy It Now for £10 + £1.50 postage

1980’s Collar Necklace – Buy It Now £6.00 + £1.50

Art Deco Chain Cufflinks c1930’s – Buy It Now £28.00 

1980’s Gold Metal Bracelet – Buy It Now £6 + £1 postage

I love eBay. I love jewellery. Therefore jewellery shopping on eBay is heaven. I was having my daily jewellery eBay fix this evening and it suddenly struck me that I could do a post on it. So, I found a few pieces I like, they’re not going to be to everyone’s taste, I realise, but you get the idea.  They’re pretty reasonably priced too. When I’m browsing, I generally search the main categories under Jewellery & Watches > Vintage & Antique Jewellery > Vintage Costume Jewellery > 1930’s / 1940’s. And when I’m searching for something specific, I just type into the search box ‘Chunky Diamante Necklace’ or ‘Navajo Bracelet’. It’s not rocket science, I’m pretty sure you know how to search eBay. If you click on the links below each of the items I’ve listed here, you’ll be taken straight to the listing on eBay. 

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