Stylebook App – It’s a revolution!

On browsing through The Online Stylist’s site tonight, I came across a revolution. Well, its a revolution in theory. I have yet to try it because I have literally just read about it. It’s an app for the Apple iPhone called Stylebook and allows you to basically document, organise and style your own wardrobe.

To summarise what you can do, according to their website, you can:

  • Add your own clothes
  • Remove the background of the image, so the piece of clothing is featured on its own
  • Customise your own categories for easy organisation
  • Browse categories, view everything together, or within its own category
  • Add notes to pieces 
  • Search your wardrobe database
  • Share your wardrobe via email, Facebook, Twitter
  • Worn history log, so you can see what you wore on a specific day

You can layer items of clothing, add mood boards of your personal inspiration, track what you wore so you don’t forget. You can even plan outfits in advance!

Like I said, in theory, its a revolutionary idea. It looks simple and clean and easy to use. Of course the proof is in the pudding, and it can only be used to know if its any good. It looks like it could be time consuming to set up, so it would be an ongoing project, but I am a huge fan of wardrobe recycling, putting items together in your wardrobe you may never have considered before. For $4 on iTunes, its definitely worth trying. If you decide to try it, come back and let me know what you think. If I get enough people trying it, I’ll do a post on all your reviews.

(All images are via Stylebook App Website)

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