My thoroughly superficial resolutions for 2012.

The decorations are away, the house is tidy, most of the Christmas food has been eaten or is now in the freezer, thank goodness. A healthy eating and fitness regime are in place, which I am yet to start, but a good intention is a good start, right? I know that it will come eventually, especially when I try to put my red skinny jeans back on. For me, exercise is the only way, because these days, I’m finding it harder and harder to not eat what I want. Those days of eating three jelly beans a day are sadly long gone. Give me a warm, crusty baguette, salted butter, pate and a bottle of beer anyday.

The new year brings a surplus of resolutions, which generally don’t get stuck to past the end of January, though I have never looked back since giving up soaps (not soap) ie Eastenders about 5 years ago as a resolution (what a sacrifice I made). There are some resolutions I feel I can stick to this year. Growing my hair is a necessity this year (I’m forever changing it). Staying fit, toning up. I think joining the gym is the only way to fight the seasonal exerciser in me. Come the clocks changing, I stop running, for safety, darkness and weather reasons. I swore I wouldn’t join a gym again, but since using Jillian Michaels DVD’s obsessively this year, I finally started to gain the body I had long craved. But, due to the frustrating flaw in my genetic make up of becoming bored in a matter of seconds, I had nowhere to progress, there were no more of her DVD’s I could buy, plus seeing the same lady every day for 3 months became very mundane. So, what I’ve learnt from weights and circuits, in theory, I can use at the gym. Plus they have a powerplate, which I’m curious to try out. Whatever it takes to remove those slight handles and wobble.

Drinking enough water. Boring, I know, but my skin has really suffered this Christmas. It’s so dry and taught. Like putting weight on, it seems to take no effort to let your routine slide, but weeks of committment to put it right. And of course it goes without saying that its essential for a proper functioning body.

Being more finely polished. I am terrible at removing chipped nail varnish and it looks so ugly. I know its a small, unimportant thing, but I think it shows alot about a person. It’s all about time and energy, something which I don’t have much of. My feet are always neglected, and so its time to treat these babies reguarly. I’m not painting the best picture I realise, but for me, writing all this down is all part of the battle. 

 In terms of day to day more important resolutions, like man people, I feel I can do a little bit better in everything I do, being more organised, more patient etc so of course, this one is a given. 

The final one is saving money. And what I mean here is setting my mind on something special to buy, and actually working to save for it. Alexander Wang boots. A Chloe bag. A regular supply of Creme de le Mer. I need to stop buying rubbish, stop spending small amounts on nothing. And plan better. It’s so much more satisfying to have one special treasure, than five average compromises.

I realise the resolutions I have detailed here are mostly superficial. I would much rather have health, protection, safety, love and peace for my family than any material thing. I feel confident I have my priorities fairly straight in that perspective. But of course, there is no substitution for retail therapy and pampering. Any girl in her right mind knows that.

Meet you back here same time next year and we’ll see what I stuck to.

Chloe Marcie Large Leather Hobo Bag at Net-A-Porter

Alexander Wang Andi Suede and glossed-leather ankle boots at Net-A-Porter

One thought on “My thoroughly superficial resolutions for 2012.

  1. I loved reading this post! I can totally identify with what you are saying, especially about being more polished (as I sit typing this with chipped nail varnish!) definitely something to work on!
    I also want to save up for a Balenciaga or Chanel handbag, but always worry that by the time I’ve saved the money I won’t want to spend it on a handbag. I guess sometimes you just need to take the plunge!

    Happy New Year!

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