Style Crush : Aimee Song

I have a new blog obsession. If you have your own blog, then I’m sure, like me, you’re constantly on the lookout for new favourites. I found a picture on Pinterest and wanted to post it here because I love it so much. On trying to find the source of the image, so I could reference it, this is when my new obsession because clear. This is one stylish lady. 

The images I’ve selected here are ones I love because they focus on the detail of the upper part of the outfit. They show the way she layers her tops, which I love. I also love her variety of skinny jeans, her bags, her hair, her jewellery, her….everything! The top image is my most favourite one. The colours look amazing together, and I am definitely one for colour.

And here’s the lady herself!

You can read more about Aimee at her blog Song of Style. All images I’ve shown here are copyright of Aimee and come from her blog.

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