Re-working a hat

Last week, a super stylish most prettilicious friend of mine showed me a hat she had bought. It was a camel felt trilby with a black faux-leather band around it. I instantly fell in love with it and desired one for myself… off I went to go and purchase one. They had none left. I was most disappointed. I went back again. Still none. No-one had even heard of it. In defeat, I had a little look for an alternative and came across the one shown above. There was a silver lining to the min-hat saga – it was only £3 when I got to the checkout.

I like the hat, its a nice style when its on (though not as nice as my friends Camel one which I may whip off her head next time I see her, in exchange for my own).But it was all black and I felt it needed something extra, a little ‘jujj’. So I dug out a beautiful wide suede belt which I was bought as a gift and couldn’t wear, because it never stayed on due to the clasp, and cut a strip from it, which I then stitched onto the hat. Where the join meets, I found an old Navajo brooch I had stashed away in a drawer which again, I hadn’t worn for years, and pinned it to the hat, over the join. Et voila! A personalised trilby using ingredients of an old belt and a vintage brooch which deserved a new life and have been worn more times than they ever had before!


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