DIY Glamour

I’ve been meaning to take a look at the blog A Pair & A Spare for a while now, and I really wish I had sooner. The lady behind this blog is one clever cookie. She basically takes a designer accessory or item of clothing and re-makes it for a sixteenth of the price. I spent hours on her site last night, ogling, in awe, at her creations. 

Directly after closing the computer down, I started to make one of these…(I made hundreds of these when I was 11, which I think may be the last time I made one)

…from the post about Arm Parties.


I have hex nuts (or rather my husband does) on order from eBay, so I can make the Hex Nut Bracelet (shown above and below)

(Image via Honestly WTF)

I’m going to be making these wrap bracelets, which I adore…

(Image via Honestly WTF)

Aaaaaand these glitter backed boots? These seem too good to be true, non? I’m going to give them a try, for sure.

(Image via Le Faniculle)

You can see the tutorial to make these at Le Faniculle. If I manage to make my own pair successfully, I promise to post you a picture of evidence!

2 thoughts on “DIY Glamour

  1. You’ve got a great blog!!! Lots of fashion savy photos=D I couldn’t help but smile when i saw your first photo in this blog entree. My friends or kids around me when i was a kid, used to love braiding those braclets!! I had one as well but i think my sis made it because i’ve never in my life done one before! hahaha…is it easy to make?

    Btw, I totally adore the Hex Nut Bracelet, sucha creative idea. Regarding the wrap bracelets, i think i saw something very similar from the Danish jewelry brand Pandora, they’re super chic (and expensive,lol)!!!!

    I’ll defo be back for more;-)

    Happy Friday!!!


    • Thank you so much! Your lovely comment made my day! I used to make so many of those friendship bracelets when I was younger, I must have made so many I remembered exactly how to do it this time around. My hex nuts haven’t arrived yet, but as soon as I make the bracelet I’ll post it (if it’s any good 😉
      Bella x

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