Alexa Chung

If, like moi, you are just a leeedle bit obsessed with Alexa, then you may have heard the news at the beginning of the week that The Chung won an award at the British Fashion Awards, for the second year in a row. It was decided entirely by public vote and was the award for ‘an individual who embodies the spirit of the city and is an international ambassador for London as a leading creative fashion capital’. Its a pretty lengthy and specific award category, but nevertheless, she won, she didn’t just take part. And I’m not surprised. That’s not to say that I like everything she wears, or I would choose everything she wears, however, that’s not the point. She doesn’t follow trends, she is a leader, not a follower, she divides people and she was a muse of Karl Lagerfeld and, to be frank, you’re pretty much made if you become an Uncle Karl muse. For me, its what she represents rather than what she chooses to wear. She is British and is hugely respected for her style and her confidence to wear exactly what she likes. That’s enough for me. I think she rocks.

If you’d like to read more about Alexa Chung, this is an interesting piece on Grazia : Alexa Chung’s Fashion Formula

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