Streetstyle : Gena & Jazz

Today, I did something I’ve wanted to do for a while but haven’t had the nerve. With some encouragement, I did it. I went out in the busiest time of day to the city, to see what little diamonds I could find in the crowds, to snap with my camera. I was nervous, I must admit, and not so confident in my photo-taking ability yet…but here are the results.

This is Gena. Beautiful, friendly, willing Gena! She caught my eye with her big hair, green eyes and of course, her style, which is why she features here.  Thank you Gena, for being my first streetstyle model!

Gena is wearing a fur gilet by Zara, shirt by Primark and jeans by Topshop.


These next girls (whose age, when they told me, made me feel like Tutankhamun) are, from left to right, Jazz, Flo & Harmin. It was Jazz’s super-cool leggings and amazing hair which caught my eye. These girls were really sweet in participating in my little photographic experiment – thank you Jazz, Flo & Harmin!

Jazz wears leggings from Republic.

I’m going to a hen party now, so its time for my beautifying preparations to commence!

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