Chanel Peridot is like…

…bottled dragonflies, molten peacock feathers or puddles of petrol. With its new deserved cult status, it is simply beautiful. And I just had to have me some yesterday. I also treated myself to some Chanel Ligne Extreme, their liquid liner. I have been using liquid liner for a number of years now, so I’ve practised alot, however this is pretty easy to apply, though of course, you still need a steady hand. I’ve been using a 17 version the last couple of months, it was an emergency buy, and now I’ve used this Chanel version one, I’ve found it’s far superior. With the 17 liner, I found I had to apply the same line a few times as the formulation is too thin for the coverage I wanted, unlike this version. Its consistency is thick but not globby. As long as funds allow, this is going to be a permanent addition to my make-up bag!

I also got this bracelet and ring this week, which were a steal from eBay and Boots of all places!

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