Crazy for Isabel Marant.

I started becoming obsessed with all things Isabel Marant when I caught sight of Caroline Blomst’s belt on her site Carolines Mode.

And then I saw her boots. And her in a different pair of her boots. And a jumper. All by Isabel Marant. Curiously, a began looking on the internet at more of her stuff on Net-A-Porter and Matches. I came across alot more of her A/W 11 collection and then as pictures from Paris Fashion Week unfolded, I became more aware of her upcoming collection for S/S 12, which has a prevalent sporty neon theme. 

(Isabel Marant is featured here in the grey t-shirt – image source unknown)

If you’d like to know more about Isabel Marant, this is pretty good overview from New York Fashion Magazine and you can also see her entire Spring/Summer 2012 collection here.

So, I was in H&M last week (the day Versace was available, and only a day due to total stock sellout, of course) and the sales girl I spoke to was wearing a t-shirt with a navajo emblem on the front. Immediately, it reminded me of the Isabel Marant design on Caroline B’s belt. What do you think?

1. Dicker Suede Ankle Boots by Isabel Marant at Net-A-Porter  – £365

2. Evely Silk Feather Skirt by Isabel Marant at Matches – £325

3. All The Midnight In The World Feather Cuff by Isabel Marant at Net-A-Porter – £350

4. Mendey Holey Top by Isabel Marant at Matches – £275

5. Zebra Print Heels by Isabel Marant at Matches – £405

Well, anyway, I think it looks like a take on the print. And while I was finding an image of the belt, I found a few other bits from the current collection which I constantly obsess over whilst I juggle bits and bobs for ‘What Would I Wear Today?’ I can’t always pick Isabel Marant for WWIWT, as much as I would like to, but I could happily wear an entire outfit every week of her beautiful clothes. 

Oh, and before I forget, I just read that you can actually own a piece of her clothing for a fraction of the cost as she has collaborated with Gap for PROJECT(RED), which raises money to support AIDS victims and promotes awareness of the disease, which is definitely worth buying, not for the name, but of course, the charity.


(Images via Net-A-Porter, Matches Fashion, Harpers Bazaar, Carolines Mode & Hennes)

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