Have you seen Anthropologie’s latest catalogue? Its a good one. Many pages caught my eye and have now been ripped out and stuck up on my office wall. I’ll post up my favourites soon, if you’re interested.

Coming back to this spread above, I love the idea of these charms. You can mix and match everything. The chains, of which there are four to choose from – pearls (for £14 I’m pretty sure they’re not real), silver, gold and bronze (coated brass). And there are a lovely selection of charms of all different textures….feathers, wood, gemstones, precious stones, rhinestones. I’m sure these are affordable enough to be able to change your charm arrangement depending on your mood. I personally love this chain, all three colours of this charm, the moss agate charm, the horn tusk and the heart whistle. (which is pretty much most of them).

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