What Would I Wear Today…

This super-stunning cardigan nearly knocked me off the sofa on Sunday night, in the new Anthropologie brochure and I felt compelled to have it in my life. Since I shall not be purchasing anything of this price anytime soon, what perfect way to feel like I’ve bought it than to include it in this little semi-regular feature. I see nothing wrong with a bit of make-believe.

1. Filoplume Cardigan by Anthropologie – £288

2. Chain and suede inlaid belt by Topshop – £32

3. Lime Green Balls Earrings by V & A Shop – £40

4. Sequin Clutch by Zara  £29.99

5. Mesh & Chiffon Maxi Skirt by ASOS – £50

6. Alpha padded mid heel boots by Topshop – £75

7. ‘Collapsible’ Woven Knot Bracelet (Gold) by Sarah Cavender at V & A Shop – £80

(Images via ASOS, Topshop, V & A Shop, Anthropologie & Zara )

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