Saints of Style.

We’ve all got people we hunt for when we pick up a magazine. We want to know what they’re wearing today, what they wore to their last public event, what they were wearing when they were leaving the theatre. Don’t deny it. It’s in our genes. Probably like you, my style develops. Then hits a wall and develops some more. Have a baby. Forget who you were. Reinvent yourself. Hit another wall. It’s a constant cycle.

There are always new people with individual style who catch my eye, who are new to the social scene. But there are also people whose style is eternally inspiring. For years, Audrey Hepburn’s utterly classic style has been my all time favourite. Black capri pants, ballet pumps, a turtle-neck sweater, a fringe, a flick of black eyeliner. Thats it. That’s all you need. Bridget Bardot carries off the blonde teased-crown look so perfectly. I think its not so easy to copy, probably because she was so breathtakingly beautiful. Ali McGraw is the epitomy of the stylish 70’s. She strikes the perfect balance of the beautiful tomboy – flares, wedges, a turtle-neck sweater, thick brown eyebrows (at the risk of looking like Mr Bean, the brows are not easy to replicate) and a centre parting.

Then, there are the modern day classics. Alexa Chung, with her Victorian school flair, Olivia Palermo with her polished Upper East Side self-assurance, Keira Knightley and her quintessential English aristocratic spirit and Audrey Tautou, the embodiment of French chic.

They all get me in a bit of a flutter, if I’m honest. These beautiful people are exceptionally stylish, and live by no one elses rules but their own. Trends don’t matter. They know what works, what suits them. They radiate confidence.  And that’s the key. 

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