Inspiration / Daria for Mango

Outfit / High-waisted Jeans


So it turns out that high-waisted slacks are not just for Simon Cowell and that he’s been onto something for some time.  Read More

Inspiration / The Sartorialist


I used to visit The Sartorialist on a daily basis, along with Garance Dore - I don’t know what happened, but I stopped looking.  Read More

Trends / Fringe


Gestuz Suede Jacket with Tassels via ASOS / Beige Suede Fringed Jacket from River IslandPaul Andrew Taos Fringe Suede Boots via Matches

Laurie Fringe Bag from ACNE Studios / House of Harlow Metal Fringe Earrings / Ghillie Fringe Loafer from Russell & Bromley / Safari Fringe Suede Jacket from Free People

Fringe and tassles originated from the 192o’s flapper girls then evolved into a Native American embellishment during the 1960′s somewhere along the way – its more the latter version I’m drawn to, especially on a jacket made of suede. Its free-spirited, cool and chic all at the same time (especially if you’re Kate Moss or a Chloe girl) and unless you wish to look like a line dancing mega-star, keep the rest of your outfit simple. The fringe is the only detail a simple outfit requires. And my question of the day : why did I not buy this Acne Laurie Bag on my trip to Stockholm in May? I went back to look at it three times. Clearly I was in confusion mode.


Images via Pinterest

Outfit // Playing With Texture

20140928_10720140928_6320140928_157 20140928_7120140928_198 20140928_88 20140928_167 20140928_191

Jumper & Lace Skirt / H&M

Shoes / Zara

Clutch Bag / Russell & Bromley

Watch / Shore Projects

Photos by Linzi Loveland-Bromley

When the white version of this skirt unveiled in the summer, I missed out and even eBay has failed to deliver. So, imagine my face and my heart rate when I found the black version last week whilst moodily and randomly adding the equivalent of a years worth of clothing to my basket on the H&M app, of all places. I was in dire need of some retail therapy, during one of those endless, grey crappy weeks but because I craved the retail therapy so badly, it was like grocery shopping whilst hungry – never a good idea. A few days later, a huge box (think a metre square) arrived and I instantly wanted to cower in a corner rather than reveal the results of a gluttonous clothes haul in the cold light of day. I expected, and secretly hoped, to send most of it back, but that theory always backfires. Instead, half is being neatly placed in my wardrobe and the other half will be returned. I promise. This mohair-blend jumper of a colour almost indescribable is one the of the nicest jumpers I own and made the cut instantly, especially when I threw it on directly after cutting myself a fluffy fringe – there’s something very chic about leaving your hair tucked into a roll-neck, especially when the hair is undone, with a half-messy, half-fluffy finish and thats pretty much how I wear it now.

On a side note, this week marks my three year blog anniversary. I would say my blog has come a long way, and hopefully improves over time, because that’s the idea. Fashion is a way of expressing yourself, finding a style to represent who you are. Its a celebration of you and I and our uniqueness – its something that should never be sidestepped and I don’t think I’ll ever stop experimenting or seeking out new ideas. Trends can be followed but the essence is in your originality and thats something I always try to come back to – I believe its ok to borrow ideas and learn from each other because what works for someone else, may not work for you, but how do you know until you try? I don’t like giving up on anything and the older I get, the more stubborn and determined I get so giving up isn’t even an option. Just before the summer, my confidence was knocked and I was ready to give this blog a break for good, but after our holiday, I realised what a tragedy that would have been – I can’t just throw away three years of something I’ve put so much hard work and passion into and actually, I feel even more excited to see what will happen in the next three years, because I am so ready for it.

Say yes, more than no. Live today like there’s no tomorrow. Never stop trying. And smile. Thank you everyone who has been reading from the beginning and thank you if you started reading yesterday. Each and every one of you make this little journey so much more fun.


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